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Tina Newlove graduated from McMaster University in the Honours Fine Arts program in 1996. As a professional artist, Tina has been recognized as an artist with vision and an exceptional talent. Her creativity and techniques have brought accolades from curators and jurors who have recognized her potential to make a significant contribution to the cultural life of Canada. Since 1993, Tina’s paintings have been accepted into over eighty-five juried exhibitions both nationally and internationally where they have received many awards. In 1998 Tina was commissioned by the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto to create the 1998/99 Executive List.  Her painting “Organizing my Mind” is in the City of Toronto’s permanent collection. Most recently Newlove received  an Award of Merit from the Society of Canadian Artists for her painting “Step Lightly” at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. 

As a a founding member of Tribe of One, Tina creates stunning visual images on stage throughout each concert performance. She has participated in numerous benefit concerts including Toronto’s International Concert for Peace and The Return, a United Nations benefit tour to Kosovo with the Department of Foreign Affairs and War Child Canada.

When Tina is not in her garden drinking tea, fuming over politics and dancing, she can be found in her Guelph, ON studio painting, drinking tea, signing petitions and dancing.


Artist Statement

Much of my work is circular. I see the patterns of people, cities and natural elements overlapping in concentric circles. I am interested in spaces between, depth and transparency.  My work investigates the dynamics of relationships, the vulnerability of individuals in both city and home-life situations and the contradictions of modern life. Images of claustrophobic city settings and cutout solitary figures are caught in isolated landscapes, moments of contemplation, anxiety or in mid-conversation with unseen counterparts.

Inspired by the sounds and colours around me,  themes take second place to the surface of the canvas, which arrests my focus in a play of pattern, texture and colour.  My paintings unfold in lines and shapes and areas of light and dark as forms emerge and withdraw into the shallow background.

I notice the patterns around me shaping my world and making everything concrete. The weave in the fan, the stitching on the organ, the bowl of apples, the steady chug of the dishwasher and the music thumping away in the background all contribute to my art-making practice.

Bamboo sticks and good luck signs,

the sun and the moon every day,

the books on the shelves,

flowers from the market on Saturday,

city grids and stop lights,

past-present-future, past-present-future,

A-L, M-Z,


life cycles, death cycles, wash cycles…

these are the patterns I muse over and record.

I paint mainly in oils on wood, canvas and paper. I assemble pieces with stitching (which piercingly binds my meandering thoughts together), silver leaf (because it tarnishes), gold leaf (because it doesn’t), dictionaries, bronze and fabric. I cherish the beautiful, the delicate, the detailed, the organic and the non-violent but I often paint my experience with violence, despair, the poor and the war-torn.

Metaphysics Play a Trick on Me

my feet firmly touch the ground

with each step

my senses sharpen to the sidewalk space

as a part of me

reaches past and through me

until I’m floating just above myself

my edges are blurry

I come in and out of focus

as I concentrate

on moving through space

with nowhere to land

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Tribe - Performance Workshop Review http://www.tribeofone.com/resources/workshop-reviews/tribe-performance-workshop-review.html http://www.tribeofone.com/resources/workshop-reviews/tribe-performance-workshop-review.html Tribe - Performance Workshop Review
• Tue, Sep 28, 2010

Blending music, spoken word poetry, dance and visual art, performing group Tribe of One took JBT and PWK students on a multicultural, inspiring journey to find answers to some of life's big questions.

"I think there are just so many things in the world that bring us together," said Rik Leaf, guitarist, singer and poet of the group. In the first half of the show Leaf encouraged students to find what they loved and to work hard at it.

The show, an eclectic blend of different cultures and art forms, hoped to strengthen those similarities in the face of "parties that are happy to highlight the differences between us."

The group lives the message as much as they preach it. Leaf, originally from Manitoba, played on stage alongside Marie-Josee Dandeneau, a Métis woman who joined the group in 2005.

Switching between instruments including acoustic guitar, upright bass, pow-wow drums and even a didgeridoo, the duo laid the foundation for the incredible dance skills of Buffy Handel, one of Canada's top Aboriginal dancers. At one point Handel broke into a Brazilian Capoeira, a form of dance combined with martial arts, leaving students in awe.

During the performance, award-winning visual artist Tina Newlove completed a painting from start to finish.

It seemed an organic performance, with each artist feeding off each other's energy. Leaf commented on what it was like watching Newlove being moved by his music, which inspired him even more.

"We're drawn together by our voices," he said, hoping to highlight how people of different backgrounds can come together with a message of oneness. "There's this idea that your success comes at my expense. It's completely untrue."

At one point Leaf broke into a slam poem called "What if?" asking students what it would be like if they questioned some of the fundamental understandings of our culture.

The entire performance was a hit with students, who showered the group with applause at the end of the show. Handel's dancing was received with wonder while the music got hands clapping and feet tapping.

Some students left energized by the tempo of the performance and others may have left with the broader message that despite all of our apparent differences we really are a tribe of one.

The troupe is on a three-week tour of the Northwest Territories. After Friday's performance they head off to Hay River, then to Yellowknife.

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Artwork from NWT Tour 2010 http://www.tribeofone.com/our-store/paintings/artwork-from-nwt-tour-2010.html http://www.tribeofone.com/our-store/paintings/artwork-from-nwt-tour-2010.html Artwork from NWT Tour 2010

Tina's work from the tour of 2010 in the Northwest Territories.  Click to open to see all of the paintings.

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