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Rik Leaf

Recording Artist * Producer * Slam Poet

Rik is one of those people who have more visions & ideas  than lives to live them. A socially active artist with an insatiable appetite for creativity and community, Rik has toured to war-torn countries with the United Nations and the Department of Foreign Affairs, traveled to First Nation communities across Canada and been the driving force behind Tribe of One since /98.

Rik has recorded four full-length CDs and been featured on 6 international compilations in addition to producing a variety of other artists. He tours internationally with his band, Tribe of One, as well as a solo artist.

2008-10 he was the host & co-producer for 3 seasons of the Artist Next Door TV series. In July /09 Rik & his wife Zara, a nationally renown tattoo artist, sold their home in Winnipeg and spent a year touring the world with their two kids, Zion & Riel. The tour ranged across the globe from Canada, Hawaii, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and the U.K. Rik produced an online video series available on youtube called 'Where in the World Are Zion & Riel' documenting the tour.

"Our society seems to relegate risk-taking and adventure to something you do in your early 20's or retirement years. We were excited to embark on the trip of a lifetime as a young family involving with our kids in the adventure," says Leaf, adding, "not only is it possible, it's actually desirable!"

In July 2010 they returned to Canada, choosing to make a new home on Vancouver Island. Rik is currently writing a book about the year of adventure & discovery, touring with Tribe of One and working on a documentary.

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