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Best Review Tribe has Ever Got!

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Best Review Ever! Best Review Ever!

It was our second to last day of a three-week tour across Canada's Northwest Territories. Our schedule was crazy. We were leading 9 workshops each day, rotating three groups of students through three separate clinics that were running simultaneously as Buffy, Tina and Rik introduced students to physical movement/dance, visual art and storytelling clinics. During the workshops Marie-Josee was compiling video clips and still photography and producing a professional multi media video she would edit between the end of our clincs at 12:00 noon and our 2:00 p.m. concert start time. The videos highlighted the student's participation in the clinics, documenting the adventure of discovering their unique gifts and abilities and the value and responsibility of each individual to take risks and own their own voice and language to communicate their story.

Each day would culminate in a one-hour creative extravaganza that Tribe of One has become renown for. Musicians, dancers, painters and poets seamlessly weaving their voices, movements, sounds and colours together to provide a spectacular example that allowed students to see how our individual pieces fit with each other in creating the big picture. It's true...together we are better. MJ's video was the pièce de résistance, playing behind the band during the last song of the show, taking that last definitive step to breaking down the barriers between artists and audience and truly becoming a Tribe of One.

So there we were, almost at the end of the tour when a courageous young man approached us. He had raced back to his classroom at the end of the concert and written this review, which we all felt was possibly the very best review we have ever received.

Meegwetch Seth!

Tribe of One

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