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Tribe of One Bio

Tribe of One features First Nations, Metis, French & English musicians, dancers, painters and slam poets together in one technically innovative, highly adaptable, cross-cultural show that features an amazing blend of Sound, Physical Movement & Dance, Performance Painting, Slam Poetry.

Sound - A fusion of indigenous instruments from cultures around the world creates a thunderous Tribal Sound that blends World-Roots-Funk-Blues

Physical Movement and Dance – Dancers from indigenous cultures combine traditional and modern dance styles, regalia and costumes to transform the stage through colour and movement.

Performance Painting – Audiences are captivated as images and colours emerge from an empty canvas infused with the swirl of music, movement and creative energy on and off the stage.

Storytelling – rich lyrics, slam poetry, instrumental soundscapes and spontaneous stories to transport audiences to a world of imagination and wonder.

Tribe of One’s incredibly positive, groove-heavy, exciting and danceable live performances make them festival favorites. From Festival du Voyageur and the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik, to art galleries and cultural celebrations, Tribe of One engage audiences through every sense simultaneously.

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Educational Creative Clinic Reviews Educational Creative Clinic Reviews

"The week long tour of the South Slave was a terrific way to start our year. Your energy, enthusiasm, ability to connect with the students along with the high-calibre of your performance as a group helped each of our schools get off to a great start. "There is, as I've said before, something really special about Tribe of One. Your performances both moved and inspired us all. As performers you connect with your audience in a way that is unique. You tease all our senses through your performance and what you leave behind is a warm memory and the desire to open the floodgates of our own creativity. Your workshops inspired our youth and helped feed their creative spirits and your performances left memories which will last a life time. Who could ask for more....Mahsi Cho" Brent Kaulback, Regional Director, South Slave District School District, NWT, 2010


"Tribe of One was a great day long event at the start of Lutsel K'e Dene School's 2010 year. Students were challenged and engaged by workshops focusing on dance, art and story. The workshops demanded risk-taking, courage and creativity from the students and they stepped up! Once class participated in Buffy's dance for the community which was very special for students and parents. All the students showed courage and committment to their part in the dance and they were proud and so were the parents. The community concert brought almost the entire community into the school to join with the students to enjoy stimulating music, beautiful dance and spontaneous artwork! I had so many elders and community members saying what a fabulous concert it was and how much they enjoyed the time out from work to share this with their children. Thanks very much for your visit to our community and we certainly hope to see you again next year!!" Sheila Cavanagh, Principal. Lutsel K'e Dene School

"The students, staff and community here at Deninu School, in Fort Resolution, wish to send our gratitude for giving us an exceptionally memorable performance this past 22 September 2010!   During our last full staff meeting it was with unanimous agreement that this year’s ‘Tribe of One’ presentation was student centered, culturally connected and simply ‘a step in the right direction from last year’. Along with the refined performance itself, we all agreed that both students and staff gained a clearer understanding and appreciation for individualism and the talents that each person may hold.  As you know, we are your most loyal fans and continue to promote your ‘awesome entertainment’ (as one student said) long after your departure.  The students, staff and community cherished your performance and look forward to your presence once again in the not-so-far future." Dan Summers, Principal, Fort Resolution Deninu School


"Tribe of One delivers far more, and what they deliver resonates with the kids far more than their blurb captures. In their workshops and in concert, Tribe of One went far beyond entertaining our students (though they did that too.) Their high-impact visit gave a real boost to the fine and performaning arts in our school, and I sudder to think that we might have missed an amazing opportunity had I been too quick to hit the delete button."                  Geoff Bueger, Principal, Princess Alexandra School, Hay River, NWT, 2010

“We were blessed to have Tribe of One in our territory. You brought music, art and dance to those of us starved for this form of entertainment and all art forms were of the highest caliber. You are all living examples of the Dene principles of discovering your talent and sharing it with others. Without exception, I have fielded only positive comments from Principals, teachers, students and parents. We are eager to work with you to return next year.”    Brent Kaulback, Regional Director, South Slave District School District, NWT, 2009

“Last Fall, the students at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario, came together to experience Tribe of One, little did I know that the Tribe would take the school by storm! From the moment the group walked on to the stage, the students were entranced. It is one thing to follow the curriculum. It is another to teach its worth in our lives. Rik Leaf and Tribe of One did just that! I highly recommend them to other schools.” Gretchen Day, Heart Lake Secondary School, Brampton, ON, 2003

On behalf of Sydney Academy I would like to thank you for your presentation to our music, art and drama students today. We really appreciate the message in your presentation, especially at a time when the arts are under siege as governmental agencies attempt to balance their books at the expense of creative thought and art. Coming from a region of the country that is experiencing full force, the downturn of the economy and collapse of all primary industries, the arts are providing hope, especially to students struggling to find their voice. Your presentation has been invaluable to them, as you have encouraged them to imagine, create and persevere.  Verne Lorway, Music Director, Sydney Academy, Cape Breton, 2006

”Last year Tribe of One performed at Sussex Regional High School. The music was amazing and touching, combined with the artist's painting and the creative dance I found it to be a very enlightening and cultural experience. I thought it was awesome that students were exposed to this sort of experience. I considered it to be the best presentation I have ever seen throughout my entire High School career.”                                                          Jon MacNeill, President SRHS Student Council, Sussex, NB, 2004


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Rik Leaf - CD Reviews Rik Leaf - CD Reviews

Reviews for 'Tribe of One' Released 2009

"Rik Leaf’s latest CD, ‘Tribe of One’ is one of those rare CDs that is both artistically excellent and spiritually uplifting. It is music that resonates emotionally, connects the listener to the meaning of community, and provides a window into the soul of our nation. As the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North since 1997, I have witnessed the strength that flows from cultural diversity and from the presence of talented artists passionate about their own community. Rik Leaf is one of those artists and it is his passion to connect music with the history and identity of a neighbourhood that has had the effect of empowering others and effecting positive change.  It was Rik who saw the potential for building community through the arts and who was instrumental in establishing the North End Artists Collective. Rik’s latest CD is an important contribution to communities everywhere like Winnipeg's North End. It is also an invaluable addition to Canada's music scene with its beautifully written lyrics and instrumentals that create an honest depiction of our nation's history and its peoples' struggles, from our First Nations' communities, to our French/English duality, to our ethnocultural diversity.  I don't know of any other effort that has so completely captured the essence of Canada. From the beat of the powwow drum in "Hope" and "Silver Lining", to the haunting melodies in "Lonely" and "Blue Skies" depicting the vastness and beauty of our nation, to the bilingual songs of "Je Me Souviens" and "Beau Sommeil", to the typically Canadian cynicism in "Democracy in Drag," this CD just about says it all in terms of Canadian heritage and identity. Every song resonates esthetically and emotionally but none more than "The Maple Leaf" which ranks right up there with "This Land Is Your Land" as a nationally recognized trademark song of Canada."  Judy Wasylycia-Leis, Member of Parliament, Winnipeg North

"Rik Leaf is a category 4 hurricane slamming into the coast of Canadian Culture. Rik's latest album is a wonderful, eclectic, adventurous stomp. The songs radiate a blended atmosphere and a unique multi-cultural experience...a modern Canadian anthem!"  Karla Adolphe, Jacob & Lily

Rik Leaf's latest album, Tribe of One, is a collage of musical styles as varied as the Canada it celebrates in the opening track, “The Maple Leaf,” a toe-tapping, coast-to-coast road-trip of personal reflection.  Any hope of easy patriotism and sentiment, though, is soon dispelled by the next track, tellingly titled “Hope,” a blues song about the perils of trusting in the (White) Man which appropriately marries slide guitar and harmonica with First-Nations chanting and drumming.  This juxtaposition sets the tone for the rest of the album, which examines the struggle for intimacy amid conditions of estrangement and persistent longing for home, of both “dark night [and] silver lining.”  These songs are at once personal and political, detailing the struggle to find and maintain community in a complex world of social and personal complications. Built around the musical core of Rik (slide/acoustic guitar, piano, ocarina) and Marie-Josée Dandeneau, (upright/fretless bass) a collective of Winnipeg-based musicians add inflections of East-Coast, Québecois, and First Nations elements to a broad range of musical derivations, from jazz and folk to funk and blues. Rik Leaf has carefully positioned himself as a songwriter on the margins speaking hope diffusing joy to the disenfranchised and dispirited.  This album represents a maturing of that voice and a musical presence that gives us ears to hear." Brent Nelson, Ph.D. English Dept. University of Saskatchewan

"Rik Leaf has a new CD out!! It's hard to imagine an album being more Canadian than this one....and the music is top-notch. Folksy, bluesy, rootsy...and you can dance to it! Rik leaves you thinking, too. Check it out, friends, this is good music!!"  Paula Spurr, Blue Grass Orphans

"A multi-layered slice of Canadiana - while others try to divide the country, Rik has captured the sound of Canadian unity."  Broose Tulloch, 92.9 KICK FM


Reviews for 'now is the winter of our discontent' Released 2006

“Buoyed by a swooping, elastic voice that recalls Manic Street Preachers frontman James Dean Bradfield, Leaf dabbles in Cletic-sounding folk-rock, piano-based acoustic gems, funky dance jams and straight-ahead guitar rockers, all with a level of gutsy aplomb and intensity that belies his background as an activist. His songwriting chops are finely honed, he knows his way around a hook, and the back-up musicians he surrounds himself with all rise to meet his highly set standards. If this is winter to Rik Leaf, we can’t wait for the first signs of spring!” **** David Schmeichel

If I were to wait until I had formulated an appropriate description of all the warm, sad, ironic, exultant, comedic, quiet, relieved, grandiose, iconoclastic, patriotic and happy feelings that have been my companions since my first few moments with this new record, far too much time would pass before I could tell you how vastly proud I am of you, and how deeply satisfying it is to hear this incarnation of these ideas of yours. Oh, the way you go.  Brent (from Friends & Fans Forum)

Can I say...I opened up your album this morning and listened to it and it kicks ass...Especially track 1 and track 6, in my opinion, but i love them all. This morning I was super depressed and when I woke up and I took the liner notes and lyrics of the album up to my room and when I read them, they were so much like beautiful poetry and I felt every word that was there.  Like FELT, on a soul level.  I bawled like a baby and felt cleansed. I love your music, Dana (from Friends & Fans Forum)

A great opus of which you must be good and stoked ... i love the way the unsuspecting listener is set upon by the ensuing anthems like a desert creature upon a rocky ledge, drunken nay dulled by the sun's unrelenting morning splendor only to find its swift merciful end in the talons of a winged predator.  Grand tones guit and bass .. and retro scape / feel. It betrays grandeur beyond itself.                            Brian Wiebe, Solar Nest Arts, Kelowna, B.C.


Reviews for in 2 deep 2 stand, Released 2000

“As front man of Winnipeg-based Tribe of One, which seeks to combine a fusion of musical styles with professional dance to create a stunning live show, Rik Leaf is most clearly a musical innovator. Given the inviting space of a whole solo album, Rik imaginatively conjures a variety of edgy sounds that are as novel as ZARA’s cover design, which makes this reviewers task none too easy! Showing his familiarity with a whole range of styles within the musical spectrum, Rik experiments with the likes of rock, techno, soul/funk, dance, tribal and more. Lyrics, too, are drenched in Leaf’s own, poetic originality, as he transparently throws out spiritual thoughts, ideas and heart-inspired prayers. ‘Rescue Me’ is an ambient shuffle graced by gentle piano. The following ‘Simple Answer’ is an ethereal cry from Rik’s soul, exploring the deep meaning of love. Then there’s ‘Prepare the Way’ a brooding and intense piece combining strong percussion with searing guitar, and the more joyful ‘So Obvious,’ given texture by way of its quirky accordion vibes. Other less-obvious tones adding richness to this venture include Andrew Smith’s harmonica and mandolin (Andrew also provides first-class production) slide guitar and (as well as programming) a good half-dozen or more traditional forms of percussion. Musically this album twists and turns from track to explorative track. The result is not a pretentious and inharmonious melee of noises, but an intriguing 60 minute tapestry of true diversity/ingenuity. Tom Lennie, Gold

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Tribe of One - Live Performance Reviews

“As a public art gallery, we were intrigued by Tribe of One’s concept of bringing together music, dance, poetry and visual arts.  We hoped the performance would complement our programming with creativity and ingenuity.  The event far exceeded our expectations and hopes.  The energy, passion, talent and commitment from all the performers in the group were remarkable.  Each individual displayed such intense enthusiasm and knowledge for their specific contribution, that when together the effect was explosive.  How four individuals could manage to keep our eyes, ears and minds moving so intensely for such an extended period of time is unfathomable to me. The gallery was thrilled to be the host of such an exciting event and to be responsible for bringing such an exceptional and inspiring group to the community.  It augmented our focus on celebrating the multiculturalism of Canada beautifully.  The feedback we have received has been uniformly glowing and we have already had requests from those in attendance and from those who missed the performance to bring the group back!”                                                      Maura Broadhurst, Curator, Latcham Gallery

“After seeing videos of Tribe of One on YouTube, I was already sold... but I had no idea that these videos would pale in comparison to the live performance. I was actually moved to tears during your set, stricken with emotion at the beauty of not only of the music and the visuals, but of the message they so effortlessly convey. I have never seen a group that could, at once, be both joyous and driving, yet dark and haunting. The amount of sound coming off the stage was incredible, and the dancers complimented that sound perfectly. I heard nothing but rave reviews from the crowd. The most memorable performance of my weekend.” Ken Jaworski, Artistic Director, Brandon Folk Music and Art Festival

“Through your involvement with Aboriginal Music Program, you have joined with an elite group of rising stars representing the best and brightest Aboriginal recording artists from across the country. It is my pleasure to extend my support, encouragement and sincere best wishes to Tribe of One towards its upcoming CD release and performances across Canada. Eric Robinson, Minister of Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport

"‘What a unique show! Tribe of One will captivate you with music, dance and visual art which represent the love and pride these artists share for their country.      Lynn Munilla, Artistic Director, Festival du Voyageur

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Tribe - Performance Workshop Review Tribe - Performance Workshop Review
• Tue, Sep 28, 2010

Blending music, spoken word poetry, dance and visual art, performing group Tribe of One took JBT and PWK students on a multicultural, inspiring journey to find answers to some of life's big questions.

"I think there are just so many things in the world that bring us together," said Rik Leaf, guitarist, singer and poet of the group. In the first half of the show Leaf encouraged students to find what they loved and to work hard at it.

The show, an eclectic blend of different cultures and art forms, hoped to strengthen those similarities in the face of "parties that are happy to highlight the differences between us."

The group lives the message as much as they preach it. Leaf, originally from Manitoba, played on stage alongside Marie-Josee Dandeneau, a Métis woman who joined the group in 2005.

Switching between instruments including acoustic guitar, upright bass, pow-wow drums and even a didgeridoo, the duo laid the foundation for the incredible dance skills of Buffy Handel, one of Canada's top Aboriginal dancers. At one point Handel broke into a Brazilian Capoeira, a form of dance combined with martial arts, leaving students in awe.

During the performance, award-winning visual artist Tina Newlove completed a painting from start to finish.

It seemed an organic performance, with each artist feeding off each other's energy. Leaf commented on what it was like watching Newlove being moved by his music, which inspired him even more.

"We're drawn together by our voices," he said, hoping to highlight how people of different backgrounds can come together with a message of oneness. "There's this idea that your success comes at my expense. It's completely untrue."

At one point Leaf broke into a slam poem called "What if?" asking students what it would be like if they questioned some of the fundamental understandings of our culture.

The entire performance was a hit with students, who showered the group with applause at the end of the show. Handel's dancing was received with wonder while the music got hands clapping and feet tapping.

Some students left energized by the tempo of the performance and others may have left with the broader message that despite all of our apparent differences we really are a tribe of one.

The troupe is on a three-week tour of the Northwest Territories. After Friday's performance they head off to Hay River, then to Yellowknife.

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Best Review Tribe has Ever Got! Best Review Tribe has Ever Got!

It was our second to last day of a three-week tour across Canada's Northwest Territories. Our schedule was crazy. We were leading 9 workshops each day, rotating three groups of students through three separate clinics that were running simultaneously as Buffy, Tina and Rik introduced students to physical movement/dance, visual art and storytelling clinics. During the workshops Marie-Josee was compiling video clips and still photography and producing a professional multi media video she would edit between the end of our clincs at 12:00 noon and our 2:00 p.m. concert start time. The videos highlighted the student's participation in the clinics, documenting the adventure of discovering their unique gifts and abilities and the value and responsibility of each individual to take risks and own their own voice and language to communicate their story.

Each day would culminate in a one-hour creative extravaganza that Tribe of One has become renown for. Musicians, dancers, painters and poets seamlessly weaving their voices, movements, sounds and colours together to provide a spectacular example that allowed students to see how our individual pieces fit with each other in creating the big picture. It's true...together we are better. MJ's video was the pièce de résistance, playing behind the band during the last song of the show, taking that last definitive step to breaking down the barriers between artists and audience and truly becoming a Tribe of One.

So there we were, almost at the end of the tour when a courageous young man approached us. He had raced back to his classroom at the end of the concert and written this review, which we all felt was possibly the very best review we have ever received.

Meegwetch Seth!

Tribe of One

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