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ONYAT'A:KA Oneida Pride!


Oneida Pride


Oneida Pride – Students Celebrate Their Creativity & Culture

I just had an incredible week full of Oneida Pride as I worked with students at Standing Stone School at Oneida Nation of the Thames. Four classes were interested in songwriting, one wanted to do filmmaking and another did slam poetry. On Friday afternoon I commandeered the school PA system and started playing this song we’d written together over the intercom. The students all poured out of their classrooms and we had this impromptu rock show moment in the hallway!

When I walked into the Grade 2 classroom I asked what type of song they’d like to write. “A Christmas song!” one little girl exclaimed. I asked what we should call it. “Christmas Town” another chimed in. By the time I could grab a marker and make my way to the white board the kids were off and running, calling out lyrics as I scrambled to write them down.

I grabbed my guitar and started to find a melody that would work with the lyrics, as well as be in a good key for them to be able to sing. In four days we wrote the music, lyrics and melody together and recorded it. And honestly…it’s an amazing song!


At the beginning of the week, I had an opportunity to get together with L:ao Antone, the Oneida language teacher, who graciously helped me work out some Oneida words that could be incorporated into the song I was writing with the kids. Creative and cultural literacy projects are an incredible opportunity to work together collaboratively to create something bigger than anyone person who is involved. This video is where we started on Monday…by Friday we were chanting at the top of our lungs in the hallway like we were at a rock concert!


If you’re interested in booking creative or cultural literacy projects for your school contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 250-896-2572

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Empowering Youth


For 15 years Tribe of One has been working with teachers, administrators and countless organizations to empower and inspire students in communities across North America. Our multi cultural performance workshops allow students to see and hear how First Nations, Metis, French/English and South American indigenous cultures compliment and inspire each other. It's one thing to talk about multi's another to see it in action!

Tribe of One features musicians, dancers, painters and slam poets, providing schools and communities with the highest levels of professional arts and culture instruction and opportunities. Immediately following our presentation students get to choose from a variety of break out sessions where they have the opportunity for hands on instruction in, hoop dancing and capoeira, painting, slam poetry, multi media storytelling, photography, filmmaking, songwriting and textile arts.

If you work in schools, community development, youth programming or know someone who does, please pass our information on to them and encourage them to contact us. Tribe of One is a national artist collective and represents the combined passion, energy and excitement of Canada's leading cultural innovators.


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - 250 896 2572


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