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Tribe of One just returned from Albuquerque, New Mexico where we had two showcase performance showcases at Gathering of Nations. Gathering of Nations is the largest pow wow in the world and represents dancers, drummers and singers from over 500 tribes across North America. It’s amazing!

Our first performance was in Pow Wow Alley and our second was on the famous, Stage 49. From the minute we arrived at the airport in Winnipeg, the trip had all the characteristic moments of creative chaos that make each Tribe tour an adventure. Flying with United we were motivated to get all our guitars and flight cases checked without paying overweight and over-sized fees. This involves a ridiculous amount of flirting with airline agents as we try to distract them from doing their job with due diligence. (we’re good at it so we have a great success rate)

After navigating security and customs officials, (where I was once again ‘randomly’ selected for additional screening…artistic profiling people, it affects all of us!) We got through, and immediately fell into the familiar patterns of humor and hilarity, as we discussed wildly imaginative plans, plays and performances to make the world a better and more beautiful place to live.

The anticipation grew. We’d been working toward GON for months, so it was a relief to actually be there and have a chance…a chance to be amazing. Cause that’s really what it all comes down to. We work our asses off. Like most entrepreneurs we work long hours with little or irregular pay. Every day, drumming up the motivation and dogged determination not to give up…to keep going and believing and speaking that hope and courage out loud to the universe in hopes of attracting other like- minded, kindred spirits.

Cause it's worth it, finding a chance to just be your most amazing self…is really a chance to change the world!


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Tribe of One Bio http://www.tribeofone.com/resources/press-media/tribe-of-one-bio.html http://www.tribeofone.com/resources/press-media/tribe-of-one-bio.html

Tribe of One features First Nations, Metis, French & English musicians, dancers, painters and slam poets together in one technically innovative, highly adaptable, cross-cultural show that features an amazing blend of Sound, Physical Movement & Dance, Performance Painting, Slam Poetry.

Sound - A fusion of indigenous instruments from cultures around the world creates a thunderous Tribal Sound that blends World-Roots-Funk-Blues

Physical Movement and Dance – Dancers from indigenous cultures combine traditional and modern dance styles, regalia and costumes to transform the stage through colour and movement.

Performance Painting – Audiences are captivated as images and colours emerge from an empty canvas infused with the swirl of music, movement and creative energy on and off the stage.

Storytelling – rich lyrics, slam poetry, instrumental soundscapes and spontaneous stories to transport audiences to a world of imagination and wonder.

Tribe of One’s incredibly positive, groove-heavy, exciting and danceable live performances make them festival favorites. From Festival du Voyageur and the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik, to art galleries and cultural celebrations, Tribe of One engage audiences through every sense simultaneously.

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Tribe of One - Culture & Art Workshop http://www.tribeofone.com/tour-stories/tribe-of-one-culture-art-workshop.html http://www.tribeofone.com/tour-stories/tribe-of-one-culture-art-workshop.html

Tribe of One is a group of world-class performers who fuse the rich heritage of Indigenous cultures with modern forms of artistic expression. Featuring First Nations, Metis, French & English musicians, dancers, painters and slam poets. Tribe of One provides painting, dance, music and drumming workshops throughout morning and early afternoon with a multi disciplinary performance at the end of the day.

In addition, Tribe of One also produces a DVD that incorporates the artistic contributions of the students and is presented to the school at the end of the day. The Tribe’s presentation teaches the value of risk taking and the importance of discovering how your unique gifts and abilities not only empower you to invest in your future, but also provide meaningful opportunities for collaboration with others who have different skill sets, backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles and cultures.

Tribe of One provide all production requirements, sound system and lighting, sound technicians, instruments and equipment..

For additional information, please visit

http://tribeofone.com or email

info@tribeofone.com or call


Word on the street:

“In their workshops and in concert, Tribe of One went far beyond entertaining our students (though they did that too.) Their highimpact visit gave a real boost to the fi ne and performing arts in our school, and I shudder to think that we might have missed an amazing opportunity had I been too quick to hit the delete button.”

· Geoff Bueger, Principal, Princess Alexandra School, Hay River, NWT, 2010


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Winter Festivals 2011 http://www.tribeofone.com/tour-stories/winter-festivals-2011.html http://www.tribeofone.com/tour-stories/winter-festivals-2011.html

Festival du Voyageur is Western Canada's largest winter festival, held annually in the French Quarter of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tribe of One played a headline performance on the Riviere-Rouge stage holiday Monday, Louis Riel Day, February 21, 2011.

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Crazy Percussive Guitar http://www.tribeofone.com/tour-stories/a-sensory-circus.html http://www.tribeofone.com/tour-stories/a-sensory-circus.html Crazy Percussive Guitar

A short raw video clip from the Tribe of One & Aboriginal School of Dance Showcase.

November 2010

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Tribe of One - Live Performance Reviews http://www.tribeofone.com/resources/performance-reviews/tribe-of-one-live-performance-reviews.html http://www.tribeofone.com/resources/performance-reviews/tribe-of-one-live-performance-reviews.html

“As a public art gallery, we were intrigued by Tribe of One’s concept of bringing together music, dance, poetry and visual arts.  We hoped the performance would complement our programming with creativity and ingenuity.  The event far exceeded our expectations and hopes.  The energy, passion, talent and commitment from all the performers in the group were remarkable.  Each individual displayed such intense enthusiasm and knowledge for their specific contribution, that when together the effect was explosive.  How four individuals could manage to keep our eyes, ears and minds moving so intensely for such an extended period of time is unfathomable to me. The gallery was thrilled to be the host of such an exciting event and to be responsible for bringing such an exceptional and inspiring group to the community.  It augmented our focus on celebrating the multiculturalism of Canada beautifully.  The feedback we have received has been uniformly glowing and we have already had requests from those in attendance and from those who missed the performance to bring the group back!”                                                      Maura Broadhurst, Curator, Latcham Gallery

“After seeing videos of Tribe of One on YouTube, I was already sold... but I had no idea that these videos would pale in comparison to the live performance. I was actually moved to tears during your set, stricken with emotion at the beauty of not only of the music and the visuals, but of the message they so effortlessly convey. I have never seen a group that could, at once, be both joyous and driving, yet dark and haunting. The amount of sound coming off the stage was incredible, and the dancers complimented that sound perfectly. I heard nothing but rave reviews from the crowd. The most memorable performance of my weekend.” Ken Jaworski, Artistic Director, Brandon Folk Music and Art Festival

“Through your involvement with Aboriginal Music Program, you have joined with an elite group of rising stars representing the best and brightest Aboriginal recording artists from across the country. It is my pleasure to extend my support, encouragement and sincere best wishes to Tribe of One towards its upcoming CD release and performances across Canada. Eric Robinson, Minister of Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport

"‘What a unique show! Tribe of One will captivate you with music, dance and visual art which represent the love and pride these artists share for their country.      Lynn Munilla, Artistic Director, Festival du Voyageur

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