Tour Stories

"The best laid schemes of mice and men / Go oft awry" - Robert Burns

One of the most famous lines ever written by a poet also describes many a tour, which often go awry. This is meant to be a fun section for all of us, where we can share our tour stories and experiences. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve been to a Tribe of One show and have a story to tell!

Sunday, 24 July 2011 05:41

Tribe of One - Islands Folk Festival

Written by Rik Leaf
Tribe of One - Artistic Fusion
July 22/11 Tribe of One performed at the Islands Folk Festival on Vancouver Island. The following video clips were recorded from the Friday night, main stage performance.
Monday, 18 April 2011 16:32

Tribe of One - Culture & Art Workshop

Written by Rik Leaf
Tribe of One - Culture & Art Workshop
Tribe of One is a group of world-class performers who fuse the rich heritage of Indigenous cultures with modern forms of artistic expression. Featuring First Nations, Metis, French & English musicians, dancers, painters and slam poets. Tribe of One provides painting, dance, music and drumming workshops throughout morning and early afternoon with a multi disciplinary…
Friday, 01 April 2011 05:13

Winter Festivals 2011

Written by Rik Leaf
Tribe of One Live Festival Performance February 2011
Festival du Voyageur is Western Canada's largest winter festival, held annually in the French Quarter of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tribe of One played a headline performance on the Riviere-Rouge stage holiday Monday, Louis Riel Day, February 21, 2011.
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 16:49

Crazy Percussive Guitar

Written by Rik Leaf
Crazy Percussive Guitar - Rik Leaf & Tribe of One Raw Video Clips - Strongfront Productions
A short raw video clip from the Tribe of One & Aboriginal School of Dance Showcase. November 2010
Monday, 11 October 2010 04:48

Métis Athleticism *Red Necks* Sh**ty Imports

Written by Rik Leaf
This isn’t just ‘based’ on a true story, this is the real thing, I know...I was there. It was winter 2008, and not just any old winter, but a Canadian prairie winter; nothing between the howling wind and Winnipeg but two bare ass trees just north of Regina. Marie-Josée and I were wheeling our way…
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 22:31

Rik Leaf - What If

Written by Rik Leaf
Rik Leaf Slams - What If
Watch the video of Rik's latest spoken word piece, 'What If' recorded as it was 'slammed' throughout the month of September, 2010 during Tribe of One's month long Arctic Tour. What If… We believed in dreams like when we were kids And sticks could be transformed into swords Weathered boards and cardboard floors into pirate…
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 02:18

Tribe Of One - Backstage

Written by Russell Eggleston
We're backstage again…moments before the show begins, burrowed deep in the dark recesses behind curtains where brightly coloured props and costumes are strewn like fall leaves…it is an autumn tour after all. The house lights are dim as the theatre begins to fill up with life and laughter as the audience pours through open doors…
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