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Rik Leaf's New CD!

Written by Rik Leaf




In 2011 Rik won the Spirit of Canada Songwriting competition. First place came with recording time at OakStone Studios in Victoria, B.C.

Inspired by Michael Franti's, Stay Human, album, Rik enlisted the poetic styling of Janet Rogers, Victoria's, Mohawk poet laureate and recorded Beyond the Glass Ceiling, his first disc featuring spoken word poetry. The two incredibly poetic and politically-minded artists vamped and riffed between songs – like Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK channeling the spirit of Shakespeare.

What emerged was something unlike anything Rik's released before...six new socially-minded songs steeped in New World indigenous instrumentation interspersed between six spoken word poetry vignettes. The new album captures our unique time in history, as our collective hope and faith in institutions are stretched beyond the breaking point and individuals turn to one another for strength and comfort.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling is absolutely worth a listen! Incorporating spoken word poetry provides an exciting bridge between Rik's past releases and the live performances his audiences have come to love.

For a limited time you can download Beyond the Glass Ceiling for free or by donation.

Rik Leaf

Rik Leaf

Creative Director, 2005 - Present -  Recording Artist/Producer/Slam Poet, Published Author. Rik has released numerous CDs, worked in TV/Film tours internationally as a solo artist and with Tribe of One. Through his artistic activism he has worked with the UN and the Department of Foreign Affairs.


Website: www.rikleaf.com

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