Wednesday, 29 September 2010 02:18

Tribe Of One - Backstage

Written by Russell Eggleston
Tribe of One - Buffy - Glow in the dark hoop dance Tribe of One - Buffy - Glow in the dark hoop dance

We're backstage again…moments before the show begins, burrowed deep in the dark recesses behind curtains where brightly coloured props and costumes are strewn like fall leaves…it is an autumn tour after all. The house lights are dim as the theatre begins to fill up with life and laughter as the audience pours through open doors carried on a stream of constant chatter.

Days have blurred into weeks...weeks into a month. We may not know exactly where we are, what town or theatre or even day of the week, but no day on tour ever feels like it could be just 'another day.' On some level this is what we all live for, the reason we happily endure all the work it takes to get to this point…to the moment a promoter screams, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen…Tribe of One!” And as the audience cheers, Marie-Josee draws her bow across the strings and on the resonant drone of an enormous low G, sends us all tumbling head over heels into the swirl of colour and sound, poetry and painting where time loses all meaning and we feel like the best version of ourselves doing what we were created to do…

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