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UNESCO Featured

Written by Rik Leaf

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESC0) is one of 18 specialized agencies within the United Nations System. It was established on November 16, 1945, as much of the world was emerging from the devastation of the Second World War.

UNESCO was formed to embody a culture of peace by promoting collaboration among nations through education, the sciences, culture, and communication and information. With an incredible 68 year history, it's sometimes surprising how many people have never heard of the organization and don't really know what they do.

As a national artist collective who fuse the rich heritage of indigenous cultures through modern forms of artistic expression to educate, empower audiences while they are entertained, Tribe of One is perfectly suited to appreciate the value of UNESCOs goals and objectives. It is those shared values that makes our partnership so dynamic.

"Humanity's most valuable assets have been the non-conformists. Were it not for the nonconformists, he who refuses to be satisfied to go along with the continuance of things as they are, and insists upon attempting to find new ways of bettering things, the world would have known little progress indeed." Josiah Gitt.

In today's globalized new world culture, recognizing the value of our diversity and differences, and finding creative and innovative ways to build our future together has never been more important. This was Tribe of One's initial point of connection with UNESCO and one we are very proud to celebrate in this video.


By Rik Leaf - Recording Artist, TV Host/Producer, Slam Poet & Published Author, Rik is the founder of Tribe of One, a national artist collective that fuses the rich heritage of indigenous cultures with modern forms of artistic expression. Featuring First Nations, Metis, French, English and Brazilian musicians, dancers, painters and poets.

Rik Leaf

Rik Leaf

Creative Director, 2005 - Present -  Recording Artist/Producer/Slam Poet, Published Author. Rik has released numerous CDs, worked in TV/Film tours internationally as a solo artist and with Tribe of One. Through his artistic activism he has worked with the UN and the Department of Foreign Affairs.



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