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Production For Indigenous communities

 indigenous storytellers Face Challenges

Indigenous storytellers face unique challenges in having their voices heard & stories shared. It can be a struggle to find a platform that respects culture & traditions. Without proper support & access to modern technology, Indigenous stories remain untold, leaving a void in cultural representation & community empowerment.

amplifying Indigenous voices

The under representation of Indigenous narratives in mainstream media is disheartening.

Indigenous storytellers deserve a production company dedicated to honoring their culture & amplifying their voices.

Empower storytellers FROM your community FOR your community

Tell Your Story in Your Voice Your Way

With a deep understanding & respect for Indigenous culture, our team leverages our experience & expertise to bring your stories to life. We work with your community to ensure your stories are authentically represented.

What Story Do You Want To Tell?

Record Local Drummers
Videos of Elders Stories
Ceremonies & Celebrations
Traditional Language Lessons

We'll Provide The Support You Need

Music & Video Production
Youth Mentorship Programs
Creative Skills Development
Songwriting & Recording 

Find The support You Need

There are times you want someone to produce your project for you. 

We can do that!

We offer full production services for remote & northern communities.

There are other times you want to build the creative capacity of storytellers from you community. 

We do that too! 

 We have mentorship programs to help your community buy your own production equipment & train emerging storytellers how to use it.

Previous Projects

Production You Can Trust

Traditional Drum Groups
Community Songwriters
Inspirational Soundscapes
Songwriting & Production

Portrait of an Elder
Short Documentaries
Youth Video Projects
Traditional Language Lessons

We're the production team with expertise & experience you can trust.

Let's Tell Your Story Your Way

The Respect you deserve

The knowledge keepers & storytellers in your community deserve a safe & supportive team to share their vision.
Let's Tell Your Story Your Way

Cutting-edge technology

Leverage the latest technology to bring your vision to life. We provide modern forms of storytelling to serve traditional stories & culture in a good way.

Empowering Community

We support the self-determination of Indigenous communities by amplifying their voices and supporting their cultural revitalization efforts.

Our Team Are industry Experts with over 20 years of experience

Production you can trust

 Meet Our Team

Our Production Team: 

MJ Dandeneau, is French Anishinaabe / Métis kwe born in Treaty 1
Rik Leaf, vars farföräldrar kom från Midnattssolens och Samernas land

MJ & Rik are multi instrumental producers/performers with international careers. Over the last 20 years they have written/recorded over 200 songs, produced TV shows, albums & international tours. Over 60,000 students have participated in their mentorship programs.

MJ & Rik have the skills and experience to bring your stories to life. Specializing in remote projects they'll travel to your community to create albums, videos, documentaries, traditional language resources & more.

Remote production

We have the expertise to bring your stories to life through professional media production. We specialize in remote projects, traveling to communities to create albums, videos, documentaries, traditional language resources, lessons & more.

vibrant community

Being part of our programs includes becoming a part of a vibrant community of creative and Indigenous artists, who come together to collaborate, learn & support one another. Connect with a supportive network that extends beyond the program's duration.

honoring traditions

We take pride in preserving traditional languages, stories, & teachings but also amplifying Indigenous voices on a wider scale. We honor traditional culture through technology. By blending the old with the new, we create a dynamic environment where creativity can flourish.

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