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Our team of Indigenous & settler producers are dedicated to supporting Indigenous storytellers and their communities.

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Are you overwhelmed with the process of using modern technology for recording & sharing traditions?

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Preserving Your Traditions

For Generations to Come


Is your community's traditional knowledge undocumented and at risk of fading? Are you losing your language & teachings of elders? Do you feel overwhelmed by the cultural preservation process, unsure of costs and logistics involved in cultural production projects?


Our production team is here to bridge the gap between tradition and technology. Our deep cultural understanding ensures respectful and ethical production throughout. We bring the tools & expertise to partner with you, crafting a tailored production plan to meet your unique needs.

Preserving Indigenous Heritage Through Multimedia

At Tribe of One Productions, we specialize in preserving the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities through high-quality audio and video production. Our services include:

Traditional Drum Group Recordings: Capturing the powerful rhythms and sounds of traditional drum groups.
Indigenous Language Lessons: Producing immersive language lessons to support the revitalization of Indigenous languages.
Short Documentaries for Indigenous Communities: Creating compelling short documentaries that tell the stories of Indigenous communities and their cultural heritage.
Remote Multimedia Projects for Youth: Engaging Indigenous youth in remote multimedia projects, fostering creativity and cultural connection.
Indigenous Audio and Video Production: Providing tailored production solutions to meet the unique needs of Indigenous communities.

Our dedicated team ensures culturally respectful and ethical production processes, empowering communities to preserve and share their heritage.

Produce Audio Recordings

We can produce professional-quality albums of your traditional drum groups and singers.

Podcasts & digital storytelling platforms sharing oral histories & contemporary narratives.

Record elders sharing their stories & teachings in both traditional languages and English.

Interactive Learning Tools

We can develop interactive language learning resources incorporating stories, songs & games.

Help you create multimedia showcase exhibits for museums & cultural centres.

Develop virtual reality experiences for viewers to explore land-based knowledge and practices.

Film Performances & Ceremonies

We can film live performances of ceremonies and cultural events.

Create instructional videos of traditional skills like hunting, fishing and medicine making.

Develop digital platforms for community members to share their own stories.

We collaborate closely with communities to ensure projects are culturally appropriate.

Emphasize community ownership  empowerment by involving members throughout the production process.

Safeguarding Culture Heritage

Our Production Team is proud to serve Indigenous communities with respect and honour.

I highly recommend...

"You are living examples of the Dene principles of discovering your talent and sharing it with others. What you leave behind is the desire to open the floodgates of our own creativity. You inspired our youth and helped feed their creative spirits... the memories will last a lifetime.  Who could ask for more! Mahsi Cho"

Brent Kaulback, NWT

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Meet Our Producers

MJ Dandeneau

MJ is French Anishinaabe / Métis kwe born in Treaty 1. Her mother comes from Ile de la Cross Nation and her father from Penetanguishene, Treaty 61.

Sound Engineer, Producer, Bassist

Central Canada Studio

Rik Leaf

Rik was born & raised in southern Alberta in traditional Blackfoot territory. Vars farföräldrar kom från Midnattssolens och Samernas land.

Music/Video Producer, Songwriter, Slam Poet

West Coast Studio

PRODUCERS YOU CAN TRUST MJ & Rik are multi instrumental producers/performers with international careers. Over the last 20 years they have written/recorded over 200 songs, produced TV shows, albums & international tours. They specialize in producing remote projects, travelling to communities to create albums, videos, documentaries, traditional language resources & more.

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Central Canada Studio Treaty 1 Territory Winnipeg, MB

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